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The Natural History and Captive Care of Softshell Turtles – Part 2

The world’s 24 species of Softshell Turtles (Family Trionychidae) depart radically from the typical turtle body plan, and their behavior holds many surprises for those familiar with “normal” turtles.  In Part 1 of this article we looked at their natural history and diet, and discussed the basics of captive care.  I also relayed some of the difficulties inherent in working with these delicate creatures – difficulties that resulted in the loss of some huge and rare individuals of several species.  I hope you enjoy the following Softshell observations and stories. Read More »

The Natural History and Captive Care of the Softshell Turtles – Part 1

Florida Softshell TurtleSoftshell Turtles caught my attention early and remain great favorites of mine all these years (decades!) later.  I’ve had a long history with the group – I raised Smooth Softshell hatchlings as a child, dove with huge Florida Softshells in southern canals and was eventually lucky enough to work with the immense Narrow-Headed and Bibron’s Giant Softshells.  Today I’d like to introduce this most unique turtle family. Read More »

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