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    Hi Mr. Indivigilo, In the beginning of June 2 turtles laid eggs in our yard (dirt and gravel) a snapping turtle and a painted turtle. We have been protecting and watching the nests 90 days would have been 90 days, with nothing. Today I decided to carefully dig to see why they did not hatch. The painted nest reviled 6 1″ babies hatched but still buried. They were packed with dirt we brought them in and rinsed them. 5 Are now moving around. Update now all 6 are moving #5″ seems to have trouble with his eyes. Since it is so much later in the season should be take them to the water. Or would they have a better chance if we tried to keep them until next spring. and if so how do we care for them? Usually we see the baby turtles in the lake in August. I don”t know how they survived so long in the ground but I don’t think they could get out of the hard ground.

    Look forward to hearing from you,


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