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The Leopard Tortoise – Part 2 – Captive Care

Please see Part I of this article for information on this South African native’s natural history.

Leopard Tortoises as Pets

These attractive tortoises make responsive pets, but careful thought should be given to their needs before deciding to acquire one.  With a possible captive lifespan in excess of 75 years and a potential weight of over 80 pounds, Leopard Tortoises are suited only for those with ample space, time and a long term commitment to their welfare.  Their husbandry needs are very specific, and if not met they become ill very quickly. Read More »

The Natural History of the Leopard Tortoise – Part 1

The Leopard Tortoise Stigmochelys (formerly Geochelone) pardalis, stands out in both attractiveness and personality among a group of reptiles well known for possessing both attributes.  Although among the most responsive of reptile pets, their very specific husbandry needs must be met if they are to thrive.  An understanding of the Leopard Tortoise’s natural habitat and habits is very useful in helping to keep and breed them in captivity (please see Part II).  Read More »

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