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Meet the Green Frog – Typical Pond Frog of the USA – Part 3

Pond Frogs in aquariumPlease see Parts 1 and 2 of this article to read about the natural history of the Green Frog (Lithobates/Rana clamitans) and some personal observations on its behavior.

An Agreeable Personality

Green Frogs make wonderful pets…even wild-caught adults settle down and hand-feed in short order (please see video below). This is in sharp contrast to many US natives, such as American Bullfrogs, Leopard Frogs and Pickerel Frogs, which often remain high-strung and difficult to observe, even after years in captivity. In “personality”, the amiable Green Frog is closer to the unflappable American Toad than to its nearer relatives. Read More »

Meet the Green Frog – Typical “Pond Frog” of the USA – Part 2

Green Pond FrogThe widespread Green Frog (Lithobates/Rana clamitans) often provides aspiring herpetologists with an introduction to frog-keeping.  Please see Part I of this article for more on its natural history.

Status in the Wild

Although fairly common throughout much of its range, in some places the Green Frog is impacted by habitat loss due to shoreline development and the introduction of Bass, Carp and other fishes, which consume eggs and tadpoles.

In recent years, deformed Green Frogs have been found in ever-increasing numbers.  The cause is unknown, but pesticide or other chemical pollution is suspected.  Farm ponds usually have a higher incidence of deformed individuals than do urban or rural habitats.  Green Frogs are regulated as a game species in several states, as they are collected for the food trade (frog’s legs) and for use as fishing bait (ahh!). Read More »

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