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Contains articles and advice on a wide variety of snake species. Answers and addresses questions on species husbandry, captive status, breeding, news and conservation issues concerning snakes.

Rough and Smooth Green Snakes – Beautiful Insect-Eaters for Planted Terrariums – Part 1

Rough Green SnakeLarger rodent-eating snakes, especially those that take well to handling, have long dominated reptile collections.  However, there is another side to snake-keeping – small, insectivorous species that, unlike their larger relatives, thrive in naturalistic terrariums.  Of these, my all-time favorites are the Rough and Smooth Green Snakes (Opheodrys aestivus and O. vernalis).

The captive care information below refers mainly to the Rough Green Snake, which is more commonly kept, but applies to the Smooth Green as well. Read More »

“Help, My Ball Python Won’t Eat” – The Troublesome Habits of a Popular Pet – Part 2

Please see Part I of this article to read about theories that may explain this species’ (annoying!) habit of fasting for long periods.

Feeding Techniques

If your snake goes on a “hunger strike”, try leaving a (dead) mouse or small rat in the terrarium overnight, hiding it within a cave (“finding” the food seems to stimulate some snakes) or moving it about with a long-handled tongs. Read More »

Snake Encounters – Training Dogs to Avoid Venomous Snakes

As reptile enthusiasts know, snakes are difficult to find.  But dogs are very good at it, and as a consequence are bitten by venomous species more often than are their owners.  Spring is prime hiking time, and also when snakes are most likely to be encountered while basking, seeking mates, or searching for meals after the long winter’s fast.  The recent experience of one of our readers, whose Arizona property was frequented by Mojave Rattlesnakes, spurred me to look into the question of snake-dog interactions.  Read More »

“Help! My Ball Python Won’t Eat” – The Troublesome Habits of a Popular Snake – Part 1

Pet Ball Python, LucyAlso known as the Royal Python (Python regius), this smallest of Africa’s pythons is also the one best suited for captivity…one Ball Python lived at the Philadelphia Zoo for a record 47.6 years.  However, even long-term captives often exhibit the disturbing habit of refusing food for long periods.  This tendency is the source of a great many questions that I receive from both neophyte and well-experienced snake keepers. Read More »

Amazing Fossil Confirms that Ancient Snakes Consumed Dinosaurs

TitanoboaHerp enthusiasts grow up hearing such things as “Reptiles and amphibians are older than the dinosaurs…”, but it is hard to imagine what this means – to actually picture creatures that look like modern-day turtles or frogs interacting with dinosaurs.  Well, interact they did – a fossil unearthed in Western India depicts a snake about to consume a young dinosaur. Read More »

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