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The Muggar or Marsh Crocodile – Encounters in Captivity and the Wild – Part 2

Basking MuggarsHello, Frank Indiviglio here.  Please see Part 1 of this article to read about the conservation of the Marsh Crocodile (Crocodylus palustris) and to see what it’s like to work with them in captivity. 

Natural History

Marsh Crocodiles are aptly named – despite being powerful swimmers, they favor the calm, plant-choked waters of swamps and marshes over swift-moving rivers (the species name, “palustris”, is a reference to their habitat).

Their range extends from Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan through India and Sri Lanka.  Read More »

The Asian Turtle Crisis – a Sobering Update – Part 2

Chinemys reevesiiAsia’s freshwater turtles face an unprecedented extinction crisis, which may soon result in the loss of 90 or more species.  In 2001, I joined other turtle enthusiasts in south Florida to help process nearly 10,000 turtles of many species that had been confiscated on route to food markets in China.  The magnitude of the response to their plight heartened me, but today, unfortunately, we are still fighting an uphill battle.  Please see Part 1 of this article for details.  Following is a bit more on this sad situation. Read More »

The 10 Best Ways to Prepare for a Career in Herpetology – Part 1

Frank with Leatherback TurtleIt is said that people who make careers of their passions never work a day in their lives…those of us who have turned our hobbies into livelihoods are indeed fortunate.  The following ideas have helped me along the way – I hope they are of some use to you.

Speak Up

Interacting with others is very important when you start and progress down your path.  I was quite shy as a child, and this certainly hampered me…force yourself to ask questions of your relatives, teachers and folks working in the field.  Read More »

Huge African Spurred Tortoise Found Living in Arizona Desert – Part 1

Spurred TortoiseFrom enormous Burmese Pythons in Florida to Wall Lizards in NYC, introduced species come as little surprise to US herp enthusiasts.  But the recent (December, 2010) discovery that a huge African Spurred or “Sulcata” Tortoise, Geochelone sulcata, had apparently been living in an Arizona desert for some time, gave most of us pause for thought. Read More »

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