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Lizard Breeding Made Easy – the Live-Bearing Swifts or Spiny Lizards – Part 2

Sceloporus serriferKeeping live-bearing lizards does away with one of the biggest stumbling blocks to success in reptile breeding – egg incubation.  The 90+ species of Swifts (also known as Spiny or Fence Lizards, genus Sceloporus) that dwell in North and Central America are particularly good choices for both beginning and advanced reptile breeders.  All are beautiful, active and interesting, and many bear their young alive.  Please see Part 1 of this article for additional information on getting started with these fascinating dynamos. Read More »

Lizard Breeding Made Easy – The Live Bearing Swifts or Spiny Lizards – Part 1

Swift Lizard I often recommend live-bearing species to folks interested in getting started on breeding reptiles and amphibians.  If given the proper environment, live-bearing moms take care of the hard work of incubation, leaving us to enjoy the offspring.  But livebearers are certainly not for beginners only (nor are they all “easy”…sorry!) – in North and Central America’s Swifts, also known as Spiny or Fence Lizards (Genus Sceloporus), we are presented with over 90 fascinating species ranging from the very hardy to the rarely kept or bred.  A number of readily available species give birth to live young. Read More »

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