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The Natural History and Captive Care of the Rhinoceros Iguana

Male Rhino IguanaRhinoceros Iguanas (Cyclura cornuta cornuta) rank among the most “personable” of the lizards I’ve worked with.  However, due to their size, unique needs and powerful jaws (please see below), the decision to keep these magnificent animals must not be made lightly.


The “bulldog-like” body is stoutly-built and colored uniform gray, brown, olive-brown or nearly-black.  Rhinoceros Iguanas reach 4 feet in length, but appear larger due to their bulk.

The massive head of the male is topped by 3 horn-like tubercles and a thick adipose (fat) pad.  The head and horns of females are smaller. Both sexes have large throat pouches and crests of pointed scales along the spine and tail.  Read More »

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