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Tortoise Habitats – Glass Aquariums Are Not Suitable Tortoise Homes – Part 2

Hermann’s TortoiseTortoises have long been immensely popular pets, and with good reason.  We know a good deal about their needs, but misinformation as to a proper enclosure abounds.  In Part 1 of this article I discussed the general unsuitability of glass aquariums and the usefulness of outdoor enclosures.  Today we’ll take a look at indoor cages that can be purchased or (if you are more skilled than I!) built.

Plastic-Based Animal Cages

Plastic-based wire animal cages are preferable to aquariums for small tortoises.  Please bear in mind, however, that all except the Egyptian Tortoise (Testudo kleimanni) and the Speckled Padloper (Homopus signatus) will outgrow most available cages (please see Part 1 for further information).  Read More »

Tortoise Habitats – Glass Aquariums are Not Suitable Tortoise Homes – Part 1

Geochelone denticulataTortoises are among the most popular of reptile pets, and many folks now realize the importance of a proper diet, UVA and UVB light, and heat.  Yet many well-meaning tortoise enthusiasts continue to provide their pets with grossly inappropriate accommodations – a situation that is fueled by those pet store employees who recommend glass aquariums to first-time owners. Read More »

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