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Fungal Infections (Mycotic Disease) in Reptiles – Part 2

Green Tree PythonThe dangers posed by fungal infections are well-known to amphibian and fish keepers.  A number of fungi also attack reptiles, but many have proven difficult to detect and treat.  In Part 1 of this article I discussed how stress predisposes reptiles to attack and fungal infections in desert-adapted reptiles.

Rainforest Reptiles

Reptiles adapted to rainforests and other humid environments are not immune to fungal attack, despite the fact that fungi are common in their natural habitats.  Problems were first noted in Green Tree Pythons housed in enclosures that allowed for little air circulation.  Subsequently, we learned that these snakes must have humidity as well as air circulation if they are to remain free of respiratory infections.  I have found the same to hold true for Green Tree Boas, among others. Read More »

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