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Pet Frogs – the Best Species for Children and First Time Keepers

Many of the world’s nearly 6,000 frog species make wonderful pets that may live for 10, 20 or even 50 years.  Among them we find creatures that glide, brood their eggs in vocal sacs, form lifelong pair bonds and exhibit other fascinating behaviors.  While the smallest is barely as large as a pea, the nine-pound African Bullfrog can chase lions away from its tadpoles!  Today I’d like to introduce some of my favorites, each of which is hardy enough for beginners yet so interesting that herpetologists – myself included – regularly keep them as pets.  Please be sure to let me know about your own “best pet frogs” by posting below.

Frog Care

White's treefrog

Uploaded to Wikipedia Commons by LiquidGhoul

Even the toughest of frogs have specific care needs that must be met if they are to thrive.  The following information is meant to illustrate why one should consider a particular type of frog.  It is not a complete care guide…please be sure to post below for detailed information about keeping and breeding these or other frogs. Read More »

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