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Contains articles and advice on a wide variety of amphibian species, including frogs, toads, salamanders and caecilians. Answers and addresses questions on species husbandry, captive status, breeding, news and conservation issues concerning amphibians.

A Reader’s Diet for the Filter-Feeding Tadpoles of the African Clawed Frog

Xenopus Laevis, wild caught female
The African Clawed Frog (Xenopus laevis) is a very common pet and lab animal and yet holds many surprises for those willing to look – it has no tongue, produces skin secretions that have yielded valuable medicines, was once used by the millions to detect pregnancy and thrives as an invading species in habitats ranging from Texas cattle ponds to brackish marshes in England… and their tadpoles feed by filtering organic material from the water. Read More »

Breeding the Green and Gold Bell Frog and Welcoming its Extinct Relative – Part 2

Please see Part I of this article for the exciting story behind the “re-discovery” of Australia’s Gold-Spotted Bell Frog (Litoria castanea), which was assumed by herpetologists to have been  extinct since the 1970’s.  Today I’d like to discuss my experiences breeding a close relative that sometimes appears in the pet trade, the Green and Gold Bell Frog (Litoria aurea). Read More »

Amphibian Breeding Migrations – Protecting a Spectacular Rite of Spring – Part 2

American Green Tree frog with distended vocal sacIn Part I of this article I wrote about the huge numbers of Spotted Salamanders, Spring Peepers, Tiger Salamanders, Wood Frogs and other amphibians that are right now (March/April, 2010) approaching and entering their breeding ponds.  Today I’ll highlight some important programs that you can become involved in if you wish to observe and help protect this wonderful yearly phenomenon. Read More »

Amphibian Breeding Migrations – Protecting a Spectacular Rite of Spring – Part 1

Spring PeeperOther amphibian enthusiasts and I have long trudged about on cold, rainy spring nights in pursuit of one of North America’s most amazing amphibian events – the annual migrations of Tiger Salamanders, Spotted Salamanders, Wood Frogs, Spring Peepers and other early spring breeders.  Laughed at even by other nature enthusiasts for our odd passions (birders, for example, get to watch Yellow Warblers nesting in blossom-laden trees on warm May mornings!), we are now having our day – plummeting amphibian populations worldwide are causing folks to take notice…and action. Read More »

Breeding the Green and Gold Bell Frog and Welcoming its “Extinct” Relative – Part 1

Green and Golden Bell FrogAmphibian enthusiasts were thrilled with the recent announcement that Australia’s Gold Spotted Bell Frog (Litoria castanea), feared extinct for the past 30 years, still survives in the South Tablelands area of New South Wales.  Some years ago I bred a related species, the Green and Gold Bell Frog, L. aurea, (pictured here) at the Bronx Zoo – hopefully the lessons learned by myself and others working with that species will prove useful in the current Gold Spotted Bell Frog recovery effort. Read More »

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