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Breaking Animal News and Observations Now Posted Daily on Twitter

JaguarI’m pleased to say that I’m now posting several notes (“Tweets”) on Twitter each day, 7 days a week. I’ve worked with everything from ants to elephants, and so much interesting info comes my way – a lot of it through other zoologists and my own activities.  Twitter will make it easy to share this as well as breaking nature news and discoveries as they happen.  Things I’ve noticed in my collection or as I’m wandering about in the field, newly discovered species, interesting tidbits passed on by others, my take on some of the day’s news items…anything and everything animal-related will be mixed in.


I’m trying to include as wide a range of topics as possible.  Recent posts have included:

A link to a free, comprehensive book on Red-Eared Sliders

Notes on my 21-year-old Weather Loach

Ants eating LeafProtection for Jaguars in the USA (yes, there is a small US population!)

Registering your opposition to the food trade in Frogs and Turtles

New observations on reef fishes (Cleaner Wrasse)

My work with an injured feral Monk Parrot in NJ

The capture (and, happily, the release!) of a 94 pound Carp

Conservation projects for Parrots, Japanese Giant Salamanders, Butterflies

Corals and climate change

New species of aquatic Invertebrates, Spiders and Frogs

Cold weather’s effect on Florida’s Tropical Fish Farms

Development of a transparent Goldfish that may limit need for dissections

Asexual Leaf Cutter Ants

And so on……


Jaguar image referenced from wikipedia and originally posted by Marcus Obal
Ants eating Leaf image referenced from wikipedia and originally posted by Christian Linder

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