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Introducing High Quality New Era Fish Foods at That Fish Place

New EraFor as long as this blogger can remember, when it comes to feeding your fish there have only been a few options available to the concerned aquarist. You can try to find those rare-gem high-nutrition flake foods that won’t quickly pollute your tank if add too many. You can spend top dollar for a hard pellet that your fish have to bite and spit out several times only to let it fall to the gravel to be ignored. You may even have frozen cubes of fish food sitting in the door of your freezer right next to the ice cubes and Creamsicles, much to the abhorrence of your significant other.

Fortunately for us fish geeks, a New Era (pun intended) of fish food has dawned upon us. UK based company, New Era, has produced a game changing array of innovative foods. They uniquely manufacture their foods with a slow, low-temperature, and low-pressure process that maintains the nutritional content of the formula, unlike foods that are quickly baked at high temps have many of their natural vitamins and minerals cooked away. New Era’s processing method also leaves a soft, highly chompable pellet that your fish will be able to eat in the first bite. These pellets are soft enough that you can and roll them into a ball in your finger tips or break pieces off for smaller fish.  But don’t let this texture fool you; they won’t melt and or dissolve away instantly in your fish tank. Between the quality of the ingredients, and unique palatability of the food, your fish get more nutrition with less waste, ultimately leading to a cleaner aquarium.

Another great aspect of this food is the commitment to only using natural and sustainable sources. In fact, New Era is so concentrated in nutrition it boasts a 10:1 ratio of the amount of real fish it takes to equal one measurement of their food. In just a quick comparison, New Era’s marine pellet boasts the highest protein content (50%) out of all the pelleted foods we carry. That can make a big impact on the wallets of consumers who like to, or even have to, feed a fresh raw diet. This is why New Era has quickly become one of the more popular choices for large aquariums around the world including: The National Aquarium in Baltimore, Georgia Aquarium in Georgia, Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, National Aquarium in London, World Museum in Liverpool, Melbourne Aquarium in Australia, and over 100 more.

One of my favorite products offered by New Era are their grazing rings. That Fish Place will be carrying both the Marine and Freshwater mini grazers for your fish’s enjoyment. These rings are cut from concentrated food logs, and can be offered to your fish by simply sliding them on to the provided suction cup base. Your fish will be able to graze as needed on this highly nutritious ring for hours, without sacrificing water quality or clarity. We tried some samples of New Era products in our display tanks here at That Fish Place – That Pet Place and our fish couldn’t get enough of it. The grazing rings were quickly devoured in our salt and fresh water tanks.

The other offerings were also very well received! Even my dwarf lionfish popped a few of the pellets on his first go. We’re stocking all the varieties of food you need including items like algae flakes for herbivorous fish, pellets for Tropical and Marine fish, Discus, Plecos, and pellets specifically suited to feed either herbivorous African Cichlids or those that need more protein. Browse our selection and make your fish happier to eat than ever!


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    Awesome review!

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    So many pellets are much too small for my large pleco. I’ve spent a lot of wasted money buying different brands, only to discover that the pellets are so tiny they get lost in the gravel. Since these are made specifically for plecos, are these a larger size than the other ones you carry?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Jan, It is very hard to say what it is that you are looking at, most likely they nothing to be worried about, and you are only seeing them now because there are no fish in the aquarium to eat them. If you can take a photo of them, you can email the images to fish@thatpetplace.com and we will do our best to help you ID these little critters in your tank.

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    Jan, the New Era Pleco food is what they describe as a medium size pellet, about 8mm in size. It should not be so small that it gets lost in the gravel, unless you have a very course size gravel in your aquarium. Here is a link to the manufacturer’s page: http://www.new-era-aquaculture.com/fish-food/tropical-range/plec-pellets

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    Thank you! I appreciate your help.

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