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Are you feeding Pure Flake? – Pure Aquatic Flake Food Debuts at That Fish Place

Pure Aquatic Cichlid FlakeThat Fish Place is. We are proud to introduce a new line of flake foods from Pure Aquatic.  In the rapidly growing product line from Pure Aquatic, the flake foods are the latest offering to hit the shelves here at That Fish Place.  They have a flake formulas suitable for almost any aquarium application.  All Pure Aquatic foods are made in the United States, and packaged fresh, for maximum quality.  Pure Aquatic Flake foods are Marine Biologist tested and approved, and are made with high quality ingredients and are fortified with vitamins and minerals for optimal health.

Pure Aquatic Tropical Flake is a complete flake food for everyday use on all tropical fish, and provides a balanced diet.  This tropical flake is rich in quality ingredients like salmon, shrimp, and plankton.

Pure Aquatic Color Flake contains Spirulina, shrimp, plankton, algae and krill for excellent natural color enhancement in all freshwater and saltwater tropical fish.

Pure Aquatic Cichlid Flake is a balanced flake food, formulated for tropical cichlids.  Most cichlids are omnivorous, eating a diet of both plants and other fish.  Pure Aquatic Cichlid Flake contains a balance of ingredients to mimic these Pure Aquatic Goldfish Flakerequirements, containing  fish meal , spirulina and algae, which provide excellent nutrition and color enhancement in any tropical cichlids species.

Pure Aquatic Goldfish Flake is an easily digestable food, formulated specifically for goldfish, and designed to produce less waste in the aquarium.  The goldfish flake contains spirulina, shrimp and algae for vibrant pigmentation in any type of goldfish.

Check out the new pure aquatic foods today, and let us know what you think!

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