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What to Expect at the 2010 NCPARS/TFP Winter Frag Event

Hello everyone! We are only ten days away from the second annual TFP/NCPARS Winter Frag Event, being held here at our retail store in Lancaster, PA .  On Saturday January 30th our store will be invaded by coral reef enthusiast from all over the northeast, we are looking forward to having a great time, and a great turn out.  Last years event was a blast, everyone had a great time, we think this year will be even better.  The event is open to anyone who wants to attend, there will be an admission charge to enter the frag swap market area, and have access to the special speaker presentations, and Raffles.  Visit Fragswapper.com to pre-register and get more information.  Pre-registration is not required.  Whether your just starting out in the reef hobby or you’ve been collecting for years, you may find something awesome to take home to your tank.  There should be in excess of 1,000 frags available between the swap and TFP’s own stock!

Manufacturer representatives will be present from Brightwell Aquatics, Ecoxotic, Central Aquatics (Kent Marine, Coralife, Oceanic, Aqueon) United Pet Group (Marineland, Perfecto, Instant Ocean), Ice Cap, Seachem, Red Sea and others.  They’ll be a great resource for answers on equipment and other supplies.  TFP has joined with our manufacturers to offer some great event day sales.  The specials will be available to all frag swap attendees and our Pet Rewards Customers in the retail store.

In addition, two of the reps will be sharing their knowledge in scheduled presentations. Chris Brightwell of Brightwell Aquatics will be speaking about Phosphate Control in Marine Aquariums (12:00), and Ike Eigenbrode of Ecoxotic will be doing a presentation on LED lighting technology (1:00).

Here are some of the specials you can expect to see:

Coralife 150 gallon bucket-buy 3 get one free

Oceanic 200 gallon bucket-buy 3 get one free

Reef Crystals and Instant Ocean salts 200 gallon box and 160 gallon bucket – buy 3 get one free – 10% off all other sizes

Red Sea Coral Pro Salt 175 gallon bucket- buy 3 get one free

Red Sea Salt 200 gallon bucket- buy 3 get one free

TFP –  30% off all coral frags in our fishroom.

Ecoxotic – Buy any Panorama fixture, Panorama module, or Stunner LED strip, and receive a FREE Stunner LED strip!

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals – 15-20% off of selected product

Central Aquatics – 10% -20% off selected products

Hydor – 10% off selected products

Mark Weiss Companies – 15% off selected products

Mark Weiss Enterprises – 10% off selected products

Ocean Star International (OSI) – 10% off selected products

Red Sea  – 10% off selected products

United Pet Group –  10 – 20% off selected products

Ushio – 10% off selected products

Seachem – 10-20% off selected products

Brightwell Aquatics – 10% off Selected Items

Tons of great deals and awesome frags! Hope to see you here this year!


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