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Cool New Items at ThatFishPlace.com

Dave here. Recently we’ve been getting some new items in at TFP worth taking a look at, so I thought I’d take Wednesday’s post and give an overview of a few of them.

1 . Frag Racks from EShopps

As our recent frag swap can attest (take a look here), lots of folks are fragging these days. These new racks are really inexpensive, and ridiculously handy at keeping the little guys going, even within your main tank. They attach with magnets too rather than crappy suction cups. The clear-ness is great too because it doesn’t obsruct the view of your tank all that much. They’re available in corner and straight versions too. Check them out online, or stop by the retail store. Our main frag tank has one installed.

2. Fluval E-Series Aquarium Heaters

Haven’t actually had a chance to try one of these out yet, but the reviews have been nothing but favorable. Anyone who’s ever had a heater breakdown and ruin your tank, or accidently broke the sleeve on your tank wall, will be impressed by the Fluval Es. Each one uses an LCD display to report the temperature, and actually uses a color coded system to alert you when the temperature fluctuates plus or minus 2 degrees. A fish guard keeps the sleeve away from tank walls and your fish. Temperature sets to the nearest .5 of a degree to for more specialized jobs. Basically, they’re the Rolls-Royce’s of aquarium heaters at this point. Take a look at the Fluval E Series heaters here.

3. Instant Ocean Salt in the 200 gal – Pro Sized Box

Ok, I’ll admit, sometimes having the empty salt bucket around for water changes and stuff is pretty handy, but Instant Ocean’s new ProSized Salt-in-a-box helps save waste/make things more green/Save the Planet…all that stuff. Cardboard is way more biodegadeable and friendly than the oil-rich plastics processing that takes place with the good ol’ 160 gal bucket, so as a reef enthusiast, it seems like the way to go. Each box has 4, 50-gal bags so you can actually dump it into your old salt bucket. Take a look at Instant Ocean Salt-in-a-box here.

Anyway, these are just of the few of the cool things coming into ThatFishPlace.com. For a l ist of all of our new Aquarium Items, click here.

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    I bought a wall fish tank from Bayshore Aquarium. And, I have to admit I’m shocked at how easy it was to set up and maintain. I’ve had it for 5 months now and would encourage any one interested in getting one to do so. It would be a ‘cool new item’ to sell here.

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