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Rocky is Spared: The Plight of One Family to Save their Beloved Pet

There aren’t often stories in the news about fish that give you warm fuzzies, but this one came pretty close.  Fish people are passionate about their pets, and though you typically can’t cuddle them or play fetch with them, to many of us they are just as loved as the family dog or cat.  Rocky’s story is an example of the love one owner feels.  Rocky may not be the fish that many of us picture as a fun pet, being that he is a snakehead, and we know the trouble they cause, but I have to say that this particular fish I feel for.  His responsible keeper deserves a pat on the back for fighting for his pet’s life and for being said responsible keeper.  I guess we can’t let all fish fall victim to invasive species profiling.

Here are just a couple of links to articles on Rocky’s plight, there are tons more if you search: