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Atlantic Sailfin Blennies – Impressive Little Fish for Nano Reef Set-ups

Sam here with another nano fish profile. There are lots of little fish that are ideal for nano aquariums. The small sizes of these set-ups are the perfect way to really appreciate these tine fish that can get lost in larger tanks.

Sailfin BlennyA very curious and interesting fish is the Atlantic Sailfin Blenny, Emblemaria pandionis. This small blenny reaches a size of just 2 inches and is great for nano tanks. This blenny is usually brown or black with white mottling along the dorsal ridge.  Though not as brightly colored as some of it’s cousins, this species has a distinguishing feature; a very large dorsal “sail-fin”. It’s not uncommon for this dorsal fin to extend over an inch in height, impressive on a blenny this small. Emblemaria pandionis will engage in an interesting behavior when threatened or scared. It will raise it’s large dorsal fin to try and appear larger than it is! The blenny may also do this when approaching other blennies or seeking food. Read More »