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TFP 700 Gallon Reef Tank – Update

Hi Dave here,

I thought it was about time to post an update to the blog about the 700 gallon reef tank here at TFP. The tank is really starting to mature nicely, and we have seen some really nice growth from the corals in the tank.

For all the particulars of the tank, refer back to the original blog, the details of the tank, lighting, and filtration are discussed in detail. No need to rehash them here.

The tank has been running for about a year now, and things have gone very well. I wanted to post a few new pics of the tank so that you can see the changes since then. We have added a few new items into the tank since the original blog back in August of 2008. The majority of the corals that we put into the tank, originated from captive sources, or frags from our own propagation system, it has been really cool to watch them fill in and grow into larger colonies.

If anyone has any questions about the tank, please ask, I would be happy to explain what I can.

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    Hey I visit the store pretty often now that I started up my first reef tank about a year ago. I read your first blog about the tank. Its been quite a few years since it was first made. How have things progressed with the tank? Have you changed much?

    In the future I plan on building a tank around 700 gallons but thats still in the distant future haha.

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    Hi Brit, This display has been constantly evolving and changing since this 2009 post! At present, it is home to several large Rose Bubbletip Anemones, some large soft coral colonies, a few LPS hard corals and fish like a large Vlamingi Tang that has been in the tank from the beginning, a Powder Blue Tang, some damsels and cardinals, and a pair of large Goldstripe Maroon Clowns. Unfortunately, we lost some of the larger coral colonies and inverts to an equipment malfunction a year or two ago. We replaced the old metal halide lighting with EcoTech Radions a few years ago but much of the rest of the hardware on the tank remains the same. We’re always talking about what to do next and ways we can improve this and our other store displays in the future though so changes may come soon!

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