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Product Spotlight: Hydor Ario

The Hydor Ario is a new twist on aquarium aeration that combines LED lighting technology with a venturi powerhead, resulting in a product that is as fun as it is functional. The Ario provides oxygen for your aquarium in the form of a fine mist of bubbles that rises up through the water column. The LED lighting illuminates the bubbles from below, resulting in a column of colored bubbles.

The Ario is a really cool light show for your aquarium. The Ario comes in 4 colors; red, blue, green and the new Ario Moonlight which is bright white. You can use the Ario all the time, but it is especially cool at night. You can use it as a nightlight if you like. The Ario can be used in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Check one out, the Ario is one of the most innovative new products in years.

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    beautyfulli chaotic

    this thing is really cool, i would love to get one and use it as a night light. probably just as good as one of those ‘moonlight’ LED features that clip on to the hood of a tank. plus, more functional for adding air simultaneously!

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