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Ecoxotic Panorama and Stunner LED Get an Upgrade

More power, more colors, more sizes, more flexibility. The next generation of Panorama and Stunner LED’s from Ecoxotic simply gives you more. The new Panorama Pro units are a completely new design of the popular LED lights, and offer more power (19watts vs. 12watts), linkability, 5 color choices, and a really cool remote control RGB unit.

Colors, colors, colors…for those of you who have already seen or used LED lights for your corals and fish, you know the amazing colors and shimmer they produce. If you haven’t been lucky enough to experience the difference with LED, now is the time. The standard Panorama Pro comes in 5 colors; 8000K, 12000K, 445nm Blue, 12000K/445nm Blue and 445nm Blue/Magenta.  If that is not enough color for you, then you should check out the Panorama Pro RGB model.  RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue, and allows this unit to produce multiple colors from a single fixture, through the use of power control to these separate color emmiters within each LED.  Paired with the Ecoxotic RGB controller and remote, you can create 16 different colors and also control intensity from a remote control!  The RGB also features a fade and strobe function, so you can really get creative with the colors and light in your aquarium.

The new Panorama Pro is also linkable (unlike the first generation), and is not only linkable with other Panorama Pro modules, you can link with Stunner modules as well.  The Panorama Pro and Stunner units are both powered by the same 24v 60watt transformer (sold separately). You can link any combination of units up to 60 watts total.  If you are using just the Panoramas, you can link three units on one transformer.  The Panorama Pro RGB must be used with the Ecoxotic mini RGB controller, which is also sold separately, and you can control three RGB units on one controller and remote.

The Ecoxotic Stunners have also received an upgrade, with new sizes and colors. Stunner strips are now available in 12”, 24”, 36” and 48” versions.  The original 12” Stunner is available in 7 colors (453nm blue, 445nm blue, 403nm UV, 8000K, 8000K/543nm, 12000K/445nm, 12000K/Magenta and 445nm/Magenta) and the new 24”-48” Stunners are available in 5 colors (8000K, 445nm Blue, 12000K/445mn, 12000K/Magenta and 453nm/Magenta). Stunners are linkable either with each other, or with optional splitters, and just like the Panorama Pro, a single 24v 60watt transformer (sold separately) can power any combination of Stunners up to 60 total watts.

Both the Stunners and Panorama Pro units have optional reflectors available, which will effectively increase the downward projection of light, when used.  Keep an eye out for these cool new products from Ecoxotic, as well as a few other new items that will follow in the next few months.


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