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Take It All In – Seminars at Our 37th Annual Anniversary Sale

This coming weekend, That Fish Place/That Pet Place will celebrate its 37th year.  Our Anniversary sale is more than just great specials and deals.  One of the great features of our spring event are the free seminars and workshops that we have offered over the years.  This year Julian Sprung, renowned author and aquarium expert, will be here on Saturday April 17th to do two presentations for us, and on Sunday April 18th our very own Cory Shank, will host a workshop for our customers.

Julian Sprung has authored what is probably the most comprehensive series of books for marine reef aquarium enthusiast.  His three volume set “The Reef Aquarium” and other publications such as his Corals and Invertebrates guides are must have references for your library.  Since its beginnings in 1991, Julian’s company Two Little Fishies, has grown into a manufacturer of a complete line of marine aquarium products and supplements.

Saturday at 11:00, Julian will present a coral dipping and propagation workshop to highlight the uses and techniques for his Two Little Fishies CorAffix™,  AquaStik™ and ReVive Coral Cleaner™ products.  Saturday at 2:00 Julian will present a lecture about hybridization of corals and fishes from his travels and research.

Coral Propagation ToolsCory Shank has worked at That Fish Place for over 11 years.  During his time here he has graduated from Millersville University with a degree in Marine Biology, and has worked his way up to the position of Lead Aquarist.  Cory is an invaluable member of my team here at TFP, and is my right hand man when it comes to our Marine aquarium livestock, and our Coral Propagation system.

Sunday at 11:00 and 3:00 Cory will hold coral fragging and propation workshops at the sale, sharing both his experiences here at TFP and his personal coral farming knowledge with all who attend.

Set aside some time from the shopping madness to enjoy these free events, they are fun and informative, see you there!


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