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Tridacna Clams – New Eye Candy for Your Reef

Maxima ClamHi, Dave back again, just wanted to share with you some of the amazing Tridacna Clams that we have been seeing over the past few weeks. The diversity of colors and patterns that we have received in recent shipments may be the best that we have ever seen. That is saying something, given that I have seen thousands of clams over the years, but every time I walk past the clams lately, I cannot help myself from stopping to admire them for a while.

Maxima ClamThe photos shown here are just a sample of some of what we have had in stock, many were snatched up before we could even get pictures taken of them.  These clams have been coming from a number of sources, both captive raised and wild stock. We have gotten some really nice farm raised T. derasa and T. squamosa from ORA (oceans reefs and aquariums). The Derasa Clams in particular have had really nice color patterns.

We received some really amazing T. maxima clams that were wild harvested from Tuamota, a chain of island atolls in French Polynesia. We are expecting a new shipment of these Maxima Clams in the coming weeks, which we are eagerly awaiting. We only got a few of these specimens from the last batch that were imported, and were sorry we did not get more. These may have been the nicest Maxima Clams that I have ever seen.

Ultra CroceaWe have started to see T. crocea clams become available again, they had become scarce earlier this year. Most of the Crocea Clams in the hobby are coming from Vietnam these days. These wild harvested clams have been coming in a nice variety of sizes and color morphs.

Check out our YOUR CHOICE section of our livestock page in the coming weeks for all of our WYSIWYG clams and animals, Aquacultured Derasaas we get some more of the beauties in stock and up for sale.

Hope that you enjoyed the photos of some of our clammy eye candy!


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