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New and Not So Common This Week at That Fish Place

Patty here.

Just a quick blurb on some of our newest additions to stock this week!  We received a few things that we don’t see very often, so if you’re in the mood for something new check it out. 

img_1335On the salty side you’ll find our biggest excitement for the week, a male Crosshatch Trigger.  He’s big, bold and beautiful.  We also got a lovely little Yellow Assessor, who’s not to shy and would look terrific in someone’s reef!  Other items of note are a small Watanabei Angel and two new damsels, Limbaugh’s and some big Scissortail Chromis.

img_1530Not too much fresh on the freshwater end this week, but there are the Swamp Eels that might be very interesting in the right tank.  Also some nice looking Albino Butterfly Bristlenose Plecos.  There are also some other  fish for communities that don’t come around too often including Inky Barbs, Burma Danios, and Empire Gudgeons.

Drop in over the holiday or check them out online!  Have a Great Memorial Day!

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    That fish is pretty neat!!!

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