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Massive Stingray Migration in the Gulf of Mexico

Patty here. I received a link to this article from a friend, and instantly thought it would be terrific to share. It features some amazing photographs of thousands of Cownose Rays migrating through the Gulf of Mexico to feeding grounds. Migrations like this happen biannually throughout the animal world, whether birds, mammals, butterflies, or these majestic rays, I’m always awed by the magnitude. These photos are amazing, and they make me feel really small, I mean imagine being surrounded by 3000 or so rays with up to a 6 foot “wingspan” WOW! The article made me remember that with all the economic, political and social turmoil in the world, life goes on seemingly without a hitch out there, just like it has for eons

To read the original article and view more pictures check out: Stingray Migration


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    Our family spent thanksgiving in a high rise condominium in Panama City Beach, FL. I was amazed to see hundreds of stingrays in the water at very shallow depths heading west.

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    Must have been amazing to see in person. They really are majestic.

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