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Introducing the Bee Bee Parrot,Tovi or Orange-Cheeked Parakeet

Parakeet in treeThe tiny, personable Bee Bee Parrot (Brotogeris jugularis) is a wonderful choice for first time parrot owners and experienced aviculturists alike.  Only 7.5 inches long but with a stocky build, these little green birds have always reminded me of “sawed-off” Amazons, and I fell under their spell early on.

However, their unique natural history, which is often overlooked in pet care books, should be considered when planning your pet’s diet and care.  Today we’ll take a look at some of this charming bird’s needs.

Natural History

Bee Bee Parrots range from southwestern Mexico through Central America to Columbia, Venezuela, eastern Ecuador and northeastern Peru.  They favor forest edges, but have adapted to human intrusion and utilize farms and cut-over areas.  They go about in pairs or flocks of up to 30 birds, and may sometimes breed communally in arboreal termite nests.  Read More »

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