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    I have a pair of masked lovebirds who have had there first clutch and had 3 of 5 hatch (4 actually hatched but 1 died) the chicks are just over 2 weeks old and I have been cleaning out the nest box every few days for the past week and a half. Mum is fine with this.
    My question is about the size of the chicks, all seem healthy and mum is doing a great job at keeping them feed for her first babies. 1 of the chicks is 1/3 of the size of the other 2. It is very tiny, and doesn’t seem to be growing at the rate of the other 2. They all hatched only a day apart so at the most the little one is only 3 days younger. Is this common to have 1 very small chick or could there be something wrong with it.
    I’m a first time breeder and didn’t realise our 2 lovebirds had mated til there was an egg in the box.
    The little chick is just starting to open its eyes as r the other 2, so it’s seems to be at the same stage/age as the larger ones but just very small.
    Any help and advice you can give me would be great.

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