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Conservation through Education – Parrot Trapping in Columbia

Military MacawA wide array of habitat types and climatic conditions allow an incredible assortment of creatures to thrive in Columbia.  In fact, this South American country is home to more bird species – 1,750 at last count – than anywhere else on earth.

Wildlife and Birds Galore

Columbian takes up a mere 0.08% of the earth’s surface, but its wildlife accounts for 10-15% of the world’s animal species, and 19% of all known birds live there.

Included in this number are 15% of the world’s parrots – 54 species in all.  The parrot diversity is staggering, and the country’s popularity as a bird-watching destination is growing.  Within this avian paradise one can see 6 types of Macaw, 6 Amazons and such prizes as White-Eyed and Santa Marta Parakeets, Spectacled Parrotlets and Black-Headed Parrots. Read More »

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