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A Brackish Water Oddity – the Four-eyed Fish or Large-scale Foureye

AnablepsHello, Frank Indiviglio here.  It takes some doing to stand out among brackish water fishes, in whose ranks we find the tree-climbing Mudskipper and the insect-shooting Archerfish.  However, in both appearance and behavior, the Four-eyed Fish (Anableps anableps) manages to so quite easily.  Less often kept than other brackish water species, it is well worth considering if you favor unusual, responsive fishes.

Natural History

Four-eyed Fishes are found along coastlines and associated tidal streams and marshes from Oaxaca in southern Mexico to Brazil.  Although sometimes encountered well inland and in the ocean, they spend the majority of their time in brackish water.  Three species have been described, with Anableps anableps being most commonly available in the trade. Read More »