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Anniversary Sale 2009 Recap

Just wanted to say thanks to all the That Fish Place/That Pet Place fans for making our 2009 Anniversary Sale a success. Thanks for everyone that showed up, and hope you enjoyed the deals, the seminars, and the fun. Check out some pics here, as well as on our Facebook page in the next few days.

A Livestock Preview: New and Interesting Arrivals in our Fishroom

Hey  Everyone!  Patty here.  Thought I’d take a minute to highlight some of the new and interesting things we’ve gotten in this week in the fish room.  With the Anniversary Sale coming this week, I’m sure there will be more to see and buzz about for the weekend, but here is a look at just a couple of the newest arrivals that are looking particularly pretty.  All of the regular favorites will be here for the sale along with some special goodies that will make the visit even more worthwhile!  We hope you can make it in this weekend!

Lake Terbera rainbow

Lake Tebera Rainbow
Like other Rainbowfish, this species is great for larger community aquariums. They are larger, but active and peaceful. Rainbowfish are also great additions for their shimmering colors.

small blood parrot

Small blood parrot
This batch came to us with more natural looking coloration instead of the traditional brightly colored Bloody Parrots.


Lelupi are a staple in the world of African Cichlids, sought after for their interesting habits as well as their bright yellow-orange coloration. These are lovely!

Gold faced datnoid
Datnoids have a mystique about them that is quite a draw. This species has attractive bars and a golden sheen in the head and face. Enthusiasts should check these out!

yasha haze

Yasha haze
The Yasha Haze Goby has been around in the market for a few years now, but every time one arrives it’s beauty still astounds me. This is a great candidate for a reef or nano-reef system.

Orange-spotted Sea Slug
This pretty slug is a real spectacle! A Pacific native, its bright orange dots make it easy to spot.


Despite is rather cryptic, cave-dwelling personality, Swiss Guards and other related basslets like the Swales Swiss Guard (also here) have amazing color and will not disappoint in the right environment. They are most at home in a rocky reef home.

Feel free to contact our livestock department or a fishroom associate if you are looking for anything in particular before you come in or if you are interested in having something live shipped to your door.

36th Anniversary Sale April 18th and 19th at That Fish Place Retail Store

It’s that time of the year again folks. Time for the biggest sale of the year, from the largest pet store in the world: That Fish Place/That Pet Place. This year, we’ve got over 15,000 items up to 50% off, not including our world famous Tent Sale: featuring a big top full of DIY projects waiting to happen including discontinued and open-box items up to 70% off. Fish, Inverts and Live Rock are all 20% off too.

Check out the retail store flyer for a breakdown of all specials.

Manufacturer reps will be on hand from all of the top aquarium and pet supply companies, including Hagen, Current-USA, Coralife, Aquarium Systems, Tetra, Brightwell Aquatics, Seachem and Kent Marine. Door prizes will be available. Games for the kids and outside food vendors as well. Check out the Visit That Fish Place  page for directions to the retail store.

Aquatics Seminars include:

12pm Saturday April18th: Pond Care Basics from Lee Dawkins of Mars Fishcare. Lee has over 20 years of experience in the pond industry, and has been with Pondcare (the pond products division of Marz Fishcare) for 11 years. Lee will be sharing his wealth of knowledge about pond care with our guests, including spring startup, pond care basics, and common problems homeowners have with their ponds.  Come with your questions.

1pm Sunday April 19th: Proactive and Reactive Phosphate Control in Marine Aquaria by Chris Brightwell of Brightwell Aquatics. Phosphate control, is one of the most challenging, and probably the most important aspect of algae control in any aquarium, especially in marine and reef aquariums.  Chris will discuss methods and theory about removal and control of phosphate in marine aquariums, as well as preventative measures that can be taken to manage phosphates in the aquarium once they are under control.

2pm Sunday April 19th:H2Grow by Danielle Davidson of Seachem. Danielle is an industry expert in the field of planted aquarium, and will be doing a presentation about the chemistry and biology of planted aquaria. This discussion will include planted substrate and supplement that are available for the live planted aquarium.

Be sure to check out these great deals and seminars at That Fish Place/That Pet Place retail store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania April 18th and 19th. Stop by and say hi to our bloggers while you’re there too!

NCPARS-That Fish Place Winter Frag Extravaganza Wrap-Up

The big event this weekend was a blast for everyone involved, the crowd was energized, the officials had their work cut out for them, security was on their toes, the half time show was on the big screen, the stars showed up and did their thing when the pressure was on, and I think there was some kind of football game on the next day as well.

Of course I am talking about the first TFP/NCPARS winter coral frag extravaganza (or whatever it was called) this past weekend here at TFP.  Turnout for the event was great, I think we ended up with about 350 guests, as well as quite a few vendors, and some great guest speakers.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved, for making this a successful event.  Even through the crowds, the lines, and the noise, everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and take something out of the experience.  Through the generosity of our attending manufacturers, some guests got the chance to win and take home some great raffle prizes.  Frag traders had smiles on their faces, as hundreds of frags changed hands.  Many people took advantage of our guest speakers, and got some great information on a wide range of topics.  Special Thanks to Anthony Calfo, Steven Pro, Dave Troop, Ike Eigenbrode, and Randy Reed for speaking to the group.

This was the first event of this kind that we have hosted here at TFP, and we really were not sure what to expect heading into things on Saturday Morning.  For those of you who frequent our store, you know how busy things can get in the fishroom on a “normal” Saturday, throwing a few hundred more people into things was a bit of an intimidating proposition. The great turnout was a little much for our miniscule sound system, but we’ll definitely have that remedied next time. Everyone involved showed a great deal of patience, and our staff put in the extra effort that was required to really pull things off, Great Job to all, I think we can look forward to more events of this kind in the future.

In addition to the photos I’ve posted here, you can check out the whole lot of them at our Facebook page: That Fish Place/That Pet Place on Facebook. Please let us know how you felt about the event, or anything you think could be done better too.

Happy Reefing, Dave

Update: NCPARS/That Fish Place Retail Store Frag Swap Event January 31

Hi, Dave here, It has been a while since I have posted a blog entry, I have busy working on some renovations and remodeling of our fish room here in our store.  The bulk of the work is now complete, and wow what a change we have made, the fish room seems HUGE now.  Anyone who has not visited the store in the last couple months is in for a surprise when they visit the fish room.   Walls are missing, systems have moved, systems have expanded, and we are not done yet!

One of the objectives of the remodel was to create a bigger, better open space in what was our “pond room” for hosting events and having a flexible area for whatever we want to use it for.  The first event to take advantage of this new space will be the TFP/NCPARS winter frag swap extravaganza on January 31st, 2009.

I wanted to add some more details about the event, which we had announced a while back, and had a previous blog entry for.

The Frag Swap is being run by NCPARS (the North Central Pennsylvania Reef aquarium Society) and all proceeds from the event will go to benefit the club.  Information about the club can be found on their website http://www.ncpars.org/.  Entrance to the event is $5 for members and $10 for non members.  Attendees and sellers can pre-register on http://www.fragswapper.com/

The event has morphed into much more  than just a frag swap, and will be of interest to any marine aquarium hobbyist, from beginner to expert.  Through TFP’s assosiation with industry leading manufacturer’s and experts, we have put together a show that will include some great seminars, as well as on-hand manufacturers representatives to answer questions about their products.

Seminars for the event include:

Anthony Calfo: Anthony is a well known reef aquarium expert, Authored  “The Book of Coral Propagation” and is the publisher of “C the Journal“.  Anthony has spent years traveling the world and working in many phases of the industry, his seminar for this event is “Interesting facilities of the world” a showcase of places he has visited through the years in all areas of the hobby.

Steven Pro: Steven has worked in the industry for many years in many capacaties, including retail, wholesale, maintenance, and now manufacturing.  Steven’s presentation “You Touched it, Now What? Poisonous, Venomous, and Contagious things in your aquarium” puts together many things that he has seen and learned about dangerous things in your reef aquarium, and how to deal with them.

Randy Reed: Founder of Reed Mariculture, a manufacturer of specialty reef foods, that includes Phytoplankton and Zooplankton diets.  Randy will do a presentation about the “Fundamentals of Feeding Your Reef”

Dave Troop and Mike Elliot:  Dave and Mike are the founders of a new company in the hobby, Aquatic Life.  Dave and Mike have been integral members of a number of industry leading companies through the years, and have now joined forces to start a new company, that strives to bring truly innovative lighting and products to the hobby.  As a former TFP employee, Dave is returning home, to provide a presentation about ” Understanding light Output”

Ike Eigenbrode: Ike is a long time hobbyist, and is now the vice president of sales and marketing of Current USA, an industry leader in aquarium lighting and chiller manufacturing. Ike is going to do a presentation on “Aquariums and Energy Efficiency”

Along with these Seminars, manufacturer Representatives from Brightwell Aquatics, Kent Marine, Seachem, EcoTech Marine, Ice Cap, Coralife, Red Sea, and others will be present throughout the show to answer questions and showcase some of their products.

Last but not least THE DEALS!  TFP will give every paid attendee a 20% off one item coupon, good for use after the sale (restrictions apply).  In cooperation with our manufacturers, both attending and non attending, we will have a selection of over 300 additional products on sale the day of the event ranging from 10% – 25% off our already low prices.  These sale items will only be available to frag swap attendees.

Also benefiting NCPARS, the show will end with a raffle of some really great items that have been donated by our manufacturers.  A sample of some of the items in the raffle include:

Complete Solana and Cardiff aquarium setups from Current USA, these are beautiful high end nano aquarium, valued at over $700 dollars each!  These aquariums will be set up as displays during the show, so you can see them in all their beauty!

EcoTech Marine Vortec WMP 20 wave pump

Sunlight Supply  400watt Blue Wave Metal Halide ballast

Red Sea C-Skim 1200 Protein Skimmer

Aquatic Life pH Controller

Two Little Fishes Phosban Reactor

And Many more items………

Come Join us January 31st from 11-5 for our first frag swap, there is alot of buzz about the show, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Schedule of Events:

11:00 Event Begins
11:30 demo 1:  fragging corals
12:00 demo 2:  tank drilling
12:30 demo 3:  setting up a calcium reactor
1:00 Anthony Calfo “Interesting facilities of the world”
2:00 Steven Pro “You touched it, now what? “
3:00 Aquatic life (Dave Troop/Mike Elliot) “Understanding Light Output”
3:30 Current USA (Ike Eigenbrode) “Aquariums and Energy Efficiency
4:00 Reed Mariculture (Randy Reed) “Fundamentals of Feeding Your Reef
4:30 Raffle
5:00 event ends

Hope to see you there,