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Dave’s Top Holiday Gifts for Aquarists 2010

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Looking for ideas on what to get your wet-thumbed friends or family members this year?  If someone on your list is just breaking into the hobby or is looking for a new project, aquarium kits are becoming increasingly popular.  Many of these stylish and convenient kits are available on the market today.  They’re are easy to set up, and they often include just about everything you need to get the tank ready for fish. There are kits for every level of hobbyist out there, whether you’re shopping for a little betta habitat or someone’s first reef aqaurium.  Here are my picks for the top 5 aquarium kits for gifts:

Marineland Eclipse ($34.99-$83.99) –  The original Eclipse tanks have been around for many years, and are built around the ever reliable Eclipse over-the-tank filtration system.  The tanks are made of clear acrylic and they’re super safe for kids.  The Eclipse tanks come in bowfront, corner, and hex shapes, and range in size from 2 – 12 gallons.

Fluval Edge ($137.99) – The Fluval Edge has a modern design that would have made Frank Lloyd Wright proud, and it’s definitely a unique take on the desktop aquarium.  The rectangular glass tank cantilevers over its base on three sides, and provides a really cool new perspective on viewing your aquarium.  The Edge holds six gallons of water, and is filtered by an integral filtration system based on the Hagan Aquaclear design.

JBJ Nano Cube
($299.99-$799.99) –  The original JBJ Nano Cube was the tank that started the mini-reef revolution in the hobby.  JBJ’s sleek, modern Nano Cubes are fitted with the latest aquarium technology, including the flagship of the line – the LED Nano Cube.  All models are 28 gallons, and come in several lighting configurations to accommodate any type of aquarium biotope that you want to keep.

Tetra Crescent AquariumTetra Crescent ($49.99) – This new aquarium from Tetra, features a seamless curved-front acrylic panel, with angled sides.  This 5 gallon aquarium’s design makes it ideal for desktops or corners, and it includes a bright and efficient LED light, and Tetra’s proven Whisper filtration.

Current Cardiff ($798.99-$928.99) – The Cardiff aquarium kit is a complete 24 gallon curved glass, half-circle aquarium and stand combo, that is a truly beautiful addition to any homes décor.  Available in 4 colors and two lighting styles, the Cardiff is a beautiful and functional little marine aquarium kit.

If you are looking for a gift for someone who already has a tank, there are plenty of great products that any hobbyist can use.  From simple stocking stuffers, to items that anyone with an aquarium will find helpful and appreciate.

Gift cardsIf you know that your aquarium crazy gift recipient would really like something, but you can’t decide what to get him or her, let them choose. TFP gift cards are available in any amount, and make great gifts.

Books or Magazines Information is the key to success in the aquarium hobby, a great new reference book for the library is a great way to help someone succeed with their aquarium.  Magazines about the hobby keep them up-to-date on the latest research, technology and discoveries. I like Coral Magazine myself.

The Magfloat What is a Magfloat? Only one of the best inventions ever!  This handy magnetic glass cleaning device, allows you to quickly clean the aquarium glass without getting your hands wet.  The inside the tank magnet floats, so that you never lose it to the bottom.  Available for any size tank, glass or acrylic. This may be the best stocking stuffer any tank keeper could ask for!

Chill Shirt
TFP T-ShirtsCheck out the new TFP aquarium themed T-Shirts. We helped design them..so if you’re in to fish tank humor..or just want to support the best pet store in the world (shameless plug), you should snag one…no pun intended!

Coral Fragging Kit whether for an experienced coral farmer, of someone who wants to give coral fragging a try, these tools will come in handy for fraggers of any skill level.
Ecoxotic LED stunner stripThese versatile and expandable LED lighting systems are cool add-on accessories for any aquarium, whether it is for a night light, or to add a little extra accent color to your display. The Stunner LED lighting system is versitile and easily adapts to your needs – use a single strip to reveal hidden colors in new frags or link several together for a permanent lighting accent. They’re a good value too compared to other more expensive LEDs on the market

Only 2 shopping weeks left! Happy Holidays from the TFP Staff!


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