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Creative Solutions for Invasive Species – If You Can’t Beat Them, Eat Them?

LionfishYou walk into a trendy restaurant. You browse the daily specials…the featured fish of the day?  Lionfish.  This is one creative way to fight the exploding population of these fish invading Caribbean waters and rapidly expanding north along the Eastern coast.

Adding these fish to your list of favorite seafood is the new approach that NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has suggested in efforts to stop the Lionfish invasion.  Details on the invasion can be found in one of my earlier blog entries if you haven’t already heard about it and you’re interested in some background information.

NOAA announced on August 6th, its new “Eat Lionfish” campaign that brings together fishing communities, wholesalers, and chefs in an effort to broaden U.S. consumers’ awareness of this delicious invader.

I love the idea, and am looking forward to my first lionfish taco, hold the spines.


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