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Extreme Makeover – That Fish Place Outside Pond Edition

Ok, so the makeover isn’t all that extreme, but it was much needed in the case of our outdoor pond display located at the corner of the store on the field end of the parking lot.  As you may know, we periodically re-vamp our displays inside the store, and in this case it was time for this old pond to get dressed up.  If you’ve visited our retail store you’ve probably seen this pond, the body of which is constructed of landscaping blocks with a cascade of natural stone on the back end. It’s been there for years, and though the structure has remained much the same, the plants really make the pond come to life.

lotusOnce or twice a year the pond needs a good cleaning, in addition to its weekly filter flush and summertime maintenance. In the Spring, the main objective is to climb in, siphon any accumulated sludge on the bottom and remove the coins and rocks tossed in by well-meaning children (despite the sign asking that coins not be tossed in).  NOTE: Though we appreciate the enthusiasm/generosity/wishes behind the coins, we request that they not be thrown in as they may adversley affect the health of the fish as they quickly corrode.  

Pond fallsThis year we decided to really do it up! We’ve added 3 varieties of hardy waterlily, marginals including parrot’s feather, taro, water celery and cattails, and a stunning new Emporer Lotus. Though the plants are all rather small at the moment, we suspect that by the end of the season they’ll be thriving. The lilies are sending out new leaves and buds galore, making the body of the pond abound with color and fragrance.

The rocky falls present a bit of a challenge when it comes to adding plant life. We added some pockets of soil that should be perfect for the sedums and other rock Bird at Pond fallsbed plants that are now growing there. Parrots feather cuttings quickcly rooted when wedged into the wet rocks along the falling water, trailing down, eventually to the water’s edge. Ornamental Fountain and Feather Grasses added new heights to the raised beds above and should do well in the sometimes unforgiving heat, sun and wind. The birds that make their home in the shrubbery around the store love the falls, as you can see in the photo, as to the fish and periodically visiting mallards.  Be sure to take a look if you stop by!

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