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(Water)World Cup News

About 70% of our planet is covered with water. Since the other 30% is currently fixated on the ongoing World Cup competition in South Africa, why should the piscean players not get involved as well?  It was interesting to me as a fish hobbyist to find the following happenings in media from around the world…check out the links to read/see more!

Looking for some help figuring out your spread and who will win the next bracket? Ask Paul. Paul has gotten his last four predictions right. Paul will never lead you astray. Oh, by the way, Paul is an octopus. The 2-year-old British expatriate most recently predicted that his new German home team will defeat his old English hometeam on Saturday. So, Paul, who’s gonna take the Cup (and what are my lucky lottery numbers)?

If the deafening noise of the Vuvuzela’s are too much for you to take, how about the soothing trickle of running water? A public aquarium in Japan is staging their own World Cup, pitting normally peaceful tankmates into a competitive furvor likened to feeding time at the zoo…mostly because its part of their feeding time. Two “teams” of fish are chosen for each nation playing (Flame Pygmy Angels for the Denmark national team, Hippo Tangs for the Japanese team, pink anthias for Holland) and are set loose on a plastic “soccer ball” filled with fish food – all played out in an aquarium designed to look like a soccer field. For some reason, I like this version of soccer better than the real one….

On a more somber soccer note, we mourn the passing of Billy the Fish. Billy was found in a puddle along the edge of the soccer field of Carlisle United’s Brunton Park in northwest England during a severe flood in 2005.  The goldfish was rescued just before massive pumps were turned on to drain the field and was kept as a mascot. The original owner, a four-year old girl, donated her fish to the team because of the team’s winning streak after the floods had subsided. The team is currently looking for a new mascot. Sadly, thanks to Paul, its already too late for the English team.

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