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Introducing Ushio Metal Halide Bulbs

We recently added a new line of Metal Halide light bulbs to our product selection here at That Fish Place, the Ushio Aqualite line of bulbs.  Ushio is an industry leader in lighting Ushio Double-ended Lamptechnology who manufactures their light bulbs in Germany, so you can be confident in the quality control and workmanship of their products.

The Ushio Aqualite bulbs are available in single ended (mogul base) style in 175 watt and 250 watt, and double ended (HQI) style in 150 watt and 250 watt.  Both types of bulbs are available in 10,000K, 14,000K and 20,000K color temperature ratings. Ushio Mogul Based Lamp

Ushio takes the utmost care and inspection of their raw materials and maintains top standards in cleanliness during their  lamp production. USHIO Aqualite lamps utilize proprietary rare-earth mixtures to provide the most consistent lamp color over the entire lifetime of the lamp.

We are proud to offer these top quality bulbs to our marine aquarium enthusiast,  give them a try, I think that you will be very pleased with their performance.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this exciting new line.



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