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Earth Day and the Conscientious Aquarist

Patty here. It’s Earth Day, and we wanted to remind you of just a few things you can do as aquarists to minimize your impact on our environment.  Just a couple of things to keep in mind!

More and more, aquacultured corals and fish are available in the market.  When you can, choose aquacultured frags, coral colonies and fish.  By buying these items instead of specimens collected from the wild, we help to reduce the stress on reefs and wild fish populations.  There are hundreds of species, both freshwater and marine that are bred and grown  for use in aquariums.  These fish and inverts are hardy, beautiful and eco-friendly.

When considering equipment and supplies, consider everything from the packaging to the efficiency and impact of those products.  Perhaps you could choose bulk salt in a cardboard box instead of plastic buckets, or upgrading older inefficient lighting to T-5 or LED fixtures. 

And one final consideration: make an effort to learn about the species you want to keep.  We all want our fish and pets to live long and healthy lives, and it is imperative that we know what we’re getting into before we purchase or adopt any animal.  One issue that is most prevalent in the world of aquarium keeping is size.  Many species sold for home aquariums can reach a max size of OVER 12″ in length in a matter of a few short years!  The size of the tank will not govern the size of the fish or its appetite, and our local waterways and coastlines are NOT suitable places to relocate non-native species when they out grow the tank. Nor do they deserve to be housed in tanks too small to roam properly and thrive.

 As responsible aquarists, we can do our part in loving our planet!

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