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Census of Marine Life Yields Fascinating Discoveries

Hey everyone!  Recently I was forwarded this article by a friend that I really found to be a good read.  It almost made me feel like I felt when I read those little paperback serial stories as a kid.  I really can’t wait to hear more about this and see a plethora of photos when they’re available as a continuation about the new things they’ve discovered while compiling the Census of Marine Life.

This short article is another testimony to how big and yet un-explored the oceans of the world still are.  This census is being compiled by more than 2000 scientists from 82 nations and it is to be completed in 2010.  The data will be published in a series of three books after the study has concluded: a survey of sea life, one focusing on the working groups, and a third on biodiversity.  A speck of the newly compiled data on behaviors, new species, and other topics is touched upon by the author of this article and others I’ve seen.  I wanted to make sure the link was blogged so anyone interested can stay tuned for more on the census. 




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