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Teach Your Goldfish To Do Tricks With the R2 Fish School

Ok, I thought I would blog about this new product we’re getting in at That Fish Place: as it’s popping up all over the place lately.

The R2 Fish School from the folks at R2 Solutions company dispels the myth that goldfish, and apparently any smaller sized fish, have 2-second memories by teaching them how to perform a variety of tricks. As wild as it seems, the R2 Fish School is loaded with press showing goldfish in action.

For all of you myth busters out there, the system works by simple positive reinforcement, but it’s truly hilarious to watch your fish, literally, swim through hoops. Each R2 Fish School is packed with “athletic gear” to get your fish punting a football through goal posts, scoring a soccer ball in a goal, swimming the slalom, going through tunnels or doing the limbo. The Fish School “arena” fits into tanks as small as five gallons, and parts of it can be used separately in a smaller fish bowl. An instructional DVD is included so you can get your fish into training fast.

Great for kids, or even those adults who are always looking for something else to compete at (Goldfish Fantasy League or Extreme Goldfish Tricks on ESPN2), The R2 Fish School looks like an interesting product. Let me know if anyone has any cool fish training stories to tell!

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    Dr. Dean Pomerleau


    This is Dr. Dean Pomerleau, the developer of the tools and techiques that are part of the R2 Fish School training kit. We’re so excited to be working with you and the team at That Fish Place to bring the fun, easy and fascinating hobby of pet fish training to your readers and customers.

    If you or any of your readers have any questions, I’m happy to answer them!

    Dr. Dean Pomerleau
    Chief Fish Trainer
    R2 Fish School
    deanp at fish-school.com

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