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Birding Trips – Combining Bird-Watching and “Regular” Vacation Activities

White-tailed EaglePassionate birders are a breed apart – I know folks who think nothing of flying from NYC to Argentina at a moment’s notice in the hope of spotting a non-descript sandpiper that happened to show up unexpectedly.  Some such people, however, sometimes (rarely!) manage to talk non-birders into becoming their significant others, in which case such excesses might be frowned upon.  Then there are those who enjoy bird-watching, but would like to also swim, ski or visit museums on their vacations.  Fortunately, there are options that can accommodate all levels of bird-watching enthusiasm.

Birding Plus…

The Sierra Club, the USA’s oldest grassroots conservation organization, sponsors a number of Volunteer Vacations – trips that include birding and conservation-oriented activities while leaving time for other pursuits as well. Read More »

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