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The 5 Best – but Often Over-looked – Small Parrot Pets

Brotogeris pyrrhopteraIt’s very difficult to choose “bests” among parrots, because both bird and owner personalities and past experiences are so important.  Parrots are very complex creatures, and within every species we find an incredible range of individual traits.  With that in mind, today I’d like to highlight some parrots that, in general, are good choices for those new to parrot keeping and without the space needed for large species.  I’ve chosen 5 that are often passed over by those without much experience, but which deserve a closer look.  Please check the articles linked below or write in for more detailed information on their care. Read More »

The Cactus Conure – Little Known Parrot of Brazil’s Arid Scrublands

Zebra Tailed LizardParrots are an amazingly diverse group of birds, and today I’d like to highlight one which is given little attention by hobbyists or zoos – the unique Cactus Conure or Caatinga Parakeet (Aratinga cactorum).  Unlike the rainforest denizens that usually spring to mind when mention is made of Brazil’s parrots, this enterprising bird makes it’s living in a unique cactus-studded habitat known as the Caatinga Scrub (please see photo).


Cactus Conures average 10-11 inches in length, and sport green plumage above and a rusty-orange breast.  The head, face and throat areas are brown, shading gradually to olive.  Two subspecies have been described, neither of which has been well-studied. Read More »

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