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Aviary Birds – Keeping and Breeding the California or Valley Quail – Part 2

Please see Part I of this article for more information on caring for California Quail (Callipepla californica).  I’ll continue here with breeding and introduce the closely related Gambel’s or Desert Quail (C. gambelii).


California QuailCalifornia Quails breed readily when housed in a tranquil, well-planted aviary (only one pair per aviary may be kept) that allows for nesting below shrubs or among tall grass clumps.  Hens in peak condition may produce clutches of up to 20 eggs, with a second likely if the first is pulled for artificial incubation (for a possible total of 40 eggs per season!).  Read More »

Aviary Birds – Keeping and Breeding the California or Valley Quail – Part 1

California QuailMost folks find that the broad, black feathers sticking straight up from the head of the California Quail (Callipepla californica) lend it a somewhat comical appearance, and few forget their first view of this unique bird. Also possessed of beautiful white-rimmed, blue-gray feathers and a hardy constitution, this North American native is likely the world’s most commonly-kept quail.

The California Quail ranges along the Western edge of North America, from Oregon to Northwestern Mexico. It reaches 10 inches in length but, like all quails, appears larger due to its stocky build. Captive bred birds are readily available. Read More »

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