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Parrots Behaving Badly: Beer-Guzzling and Swearing Lands British Birds in Hot Water

Amazon ParrotWe’ve all handled our share of troublesome parrots, but 2 incidents that caught my attention recently seemed worthy of passing along…enjoy.

A bad Actor…or a Brilliant Prankster?
An Amazon parrot set to debut in a Christmas play for a professional theatre company in Dorset, England was summarily dismissed for replacing his painstakingly-learned lines with curses. Despite reciting his lines perfectly during rehearsal, the bird unfailingly broke into a stream of obscenities each time he was called upon to speak on stage. The bird’s owner expressed “shock” and claimed to be “at a loss” when asked to explain his pet’s behavior. As might be expected, a stand-in for the mischievous fellow is proving difficult to locate.

An Avian Barfly
On a more serious note, in terms of proper pet-keeping, a parrot of unidentified species was banned from a pub in South Wales, where he had been a beloved mascot. According to the pub’s manager, the bird had become “too fond” of beer, to the point of stealing sips from patron’s mugs at every opportunity, and rarely rose “before noon”. The errant bird also cursed “continually” (wonder where he picked that up!), “heckled the pool players” and produced a loud “wolf whistle” each time a woman entered the pub. This last transgression proved to be the last straw, as some women blamed other pub patrons for the whistles, and fights broke out as a result.

Happily, the bird was adopted by a concerned neighbor and is now living in much more appropriate surroundings. It seems the bird’s “peers” were a bad influence – he is now happily guzzling water instead of beer, and is up with the sunrise!

An Indian Hill Myna’s vocal talents once landed me in a bit of hot water with a zoo director…please see my article The Natural History and Captive Care of the Hill Myna (Myna Bird, Indian Hill Myna), Gracula religiosa.

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