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The Jacarina Finch – a Blue-Black Beauty for the Small Bird Enthusiast

Blue-black Grassquit MaleFinches and softbills may be found in every color imaginable, but birds with black plumage are very scarce in the trade.  One exception is the aptly named Blue-Black Grassquit or Jacarina Finch (Volatinia jacarina).  Not a finch at all, this gorgeous little bird sports deep blue-black feathers that are highlighted with purple – always striking, but especially so when housed with brightly-colored species.

Natural History

The Jacarina Finch is actually classified as a Tanager (Family Thraupidae) and is more closely related to the brilliant Brazilian Tanager (please see photo) than to any of the common pet trade finches.  It is, however, finch-like in its behavior and captive needs, and gets along well with most species. Read More »

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