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Breaking News – Prehistoric Bird’s Wingspan is Largest Ever Recorded

Pelagornis miocaenus SkeletonIn terms of public interest, prehistoric birds generally stand in the shadows of the more dramatic reptilian dinosaurs.  However, a discovery announced this week concerning a bird christened “Huge Pseudoteeth” (Pelagornis chilensis) was so startling that I thought I’d take a break from modern species and mention it here.

Writing in the current (September, 2010) issue of the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, researchers at Chile’s National Museum of Natural History reveal that “Huge Pseudoteeth’s” wingspan measured an incredible 17 feet – longer than that of any known bird, present or past.  At an estimated 65 pounds, it also outweighed today’s heaviest flying bird, the 40 pound Kori Bustard. Read More »

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