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Conservation Update – Mexico Bans the Capture and Export of Wild Parrots

Yellow Crowned Parrot Parrot conservation took an important step forward this month (October, 2010) as Mexico’s president signed into law a bill prohibiting the capture and export of wild parrots of any species.

The Parrot Trade in Mexico

The president’s action was sparked in a large part by the results of a long-term study (please see below) of Mexico’s parrots and the effect of the trade on their continued existence.  The study, undertaken by groups based in Mexico and the USA (Teyeliz, A.C. and Defenders of Wildlife) provided dramatic evidence that the collection of wild parrots directly contributes to the decline of many species, and will likely lead some to extinction.  Some of the facts to emerge were shocking – for example, of the 78,000 parrots believed taken from the wild in Mexico annually, 50-60,000 perish before reaching a buyer!  Read More »

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