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The African Quail Finch – Combing the Qualities of Two Distinct Bird Families

African QuailfinchFinches and quails, both popular with bird fanciers, differ greatly in appearance and habits.  Except, that is, for an unusual bird known as the African Quail Finch, Ortigospiza atricollis (a/k/a Partridge Finch, Black-Chinned Quail Finch).  It is a true finch, classified with other waxbills in the family Estrildidae, but one could not be blamed for thinking otherwise…in appearance and behavior, it very much resembles a minute quail.  If you’ve always wanted to keep quail but lack the space, or just wish to work with a very unique finch, you may want to consider these charming little birds. Read More »

Unique Finches – the Top 5 Species for Those in Search of Something Different

Although a few commonly-kept finches dominate the pet trade, an amazing range of unusual species are available.  Many are delicate and rarely seen, but quite a few are just as hardy as the ever-popular Zebra Finch.  Today I’d like to introduce some of my favorite less-commonly-kept finches, each of which is special in its own way – the Red Avadavat, Gray-Headed Silverbill and the Star, Masked and Spice Finches.  All are hardy, breed well, and may be housed in large indoor cages or outdoor aviaries.  I’ll cover husbandry details in future articles; until then, please write in with any questions. Read More »

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