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New HID Lighting on Aquatic Life Aquarium Lighting Systems

HID Bulb from Aquatic LifeThe possibility of encountering and getting to use new gadgets is definiately one of the coolest perks in working at That Fish Place. Particularly in the aquarium hobby, lots of technology is constantly being developed to make things easier.

The most recent example of this has come in from a new vendor for us: Aquatic Life.

Several of their new aquarium lighting fixtures come with a bulb known as HID, or High Intensity Discharge. Not familiar with this term, I quickly shot an email right to our vendor contact. 

Aquatic Life Aquarium Lighting Systems With HID, T5HO and Lunar LightsA quick response back told me all I needed to know. Developed by OSRAM GmbH in Germany, The HID lamps are single-ended, G12 base metal halides with output similar to comparible double-ended HQI models. The single-ended design allows Aquatic Life to position the bulbs both horizontally and vertically, depending on the demands of the fixture. The single ended design with a built-in reflector allows the light to be extremely focused for greater lighting power. The technology used is common overseas, but has only recently reached the States. Being metal halide bulbs, you still get the shimmering, dappled effect on the water too. The Aquatic Life website gives viewers access to independant bulb output tests too if you’re interested.

Thanks for your help guys.

Aquatic Life RO SystemsAquatic Life also markets a line of compact fluorescent and T5 lighting fixtures; as well as advanced monitors and RO units.

Feel free to pass along any information you have on this technology or your experience with the Aquatic Life items.

Until Next Time,