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Keeping the “Prehistoric” Monster Fish

Prehistoric monster fishHello everyone, some of our previous blogs have certainly talked about some scary-looking and bizarre fish! I thought I would add one more to the list -the Prehistoric Monster Fish, Thalassophryne amazonica.

The Prehistoric Monster Fish has a bizarre appearance that may make you wonder exactly what it is you are looking at. It comes from the Amazon River, where it lurks on the bottom waiting for unsuspecting prey. Its tan and brown coloration allows it to blend in with its sandy environment where it often buries itself, making it nearly invisible to other fish. At barely 6 inches long, this fish boasts a wide mouth that can easily swallow large prey.  Its eyes are situated on the top of its head to allow for a perfect view while it’s buried. To make it a bit more frightening, the Monster Fish has a venomous spine on each of its gill coverings and two in its dorsal fin. Monster Fish can inflict a painful sting, and while the venom is not terribly potent, it’s best not to handle them to avoid incident. Read More »

Freshwater Barracudas – Predators with a Need for Speed

The word barracuda immediately conjures images of a sleek and powerful fish with a mouthful of dagger-like teeth. While most people associate the name with large, open-water marine predators, it is several different species of freshwater fish also carry this as their common name. The majority of these come from the genus Acestrorhynchus. Read More »