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Contains articles featuring information, advice or answering questions regarding freshwater aquariums, livestock or equipment.

Compact Fluorescent Pin Arrangements – Common Aquarium Lighting Questions

Hi, this is Ahmad. I have worked in customer service and periodically on the sales floor at That Fish Place for more than 10 years. I have received countless questions from customers over the years, but questions on lighting lamp bases and Compact European/straight pin arrangementFluorescent pin configuration are very frequent. Some while ago, Dave provided insights on the meaning of Kelvin ratings, which is also a source of confusion for lighting customers. This blog aims to answer some questions with concern to pin arrangement on Compact Fluorescent Lamps. Read More »

Dwarf Malabar Puffers – Tiny Fish, Big Personality

Hello everyone! I often write about odd freshwater fish. This blog I wanted to write about another personal favorite, the Dwarf Malabar Puffer, also called the Pea or Pygmy Puffer.

Dwarf Malabar Puffers, Carinotetraodon travancoricus, are cute little bundles of energy that come from the inland waters of Southern India, where they can be found in slow moving rivers amongst dense vegetation. These pea-sized puffers are a dwarf species that only grow to about 1.25 inches in length. They are colorful little fish with a body that is a deep golden hue. They are splotched with dark blue, black, or green spots. Males will often develop a dark stripe along their belly, especially when they want to show off or court a female.  Read More »

My Favorite Madagascar Cichlids and Other Uncommon Oddballs – Part 1 – From the Mind of a Cichlid Mad Man

Paratilapia polleni/bleekeriHey cichlid fans! So, finally we come to the last installment in my series of top 10 cichlid lists. This time I will share my first 5 favorite Malagasy (Madagascar) species and uncommon or oddball cichlids, that can’t be missed. My main reason for keeping Malagasy cichlids is that they are all almost extinct with some species already gone, except from some public aquariums or breeders. It’s a matter of conservation at this point, and serious aquarists play a vital role in keeping these species around. As for the oddballs?  Well, I just love species you don’t see everyday. So lets begin with the first five, I’ll follow in a few weeks with the final five. Read More »

The Gold Barb – A Fish for all Temperatures

Gold BarbHello, Frank Indiviglio here.  Many fishes that we tend to think of as “tropical” actually inhabit quite cool waters in the wild, and adapt readily to both heated and unheated aquariums.  The popular Gold Barb (Puntius semifasciolatus), also known as the green or China Barb, for example, is equally at home at 62 or 75 F. Read More »

The Whiteseam Fighter – Betta albimarginata

Hello everyone! This is Craig with another odd ball freshwater fish profile. This time we will take a look at a species of Betta that is quite different from the Fighting Fish that everyone knows and loves.

Betta albimarginata is a small fish that originates from the rainforests of Borneo, where it can be found amongst leaf litter and plant roots in very shallow water.  Barely reaching 2 inches in length, these little fish are shy, but curious. The males, especially when breeding, boast rich reddish brown body coloration with black fins. The anal fin and the tail fin are edged in white. This combination forms a striking pattern. The females are typically a bit more drab in coloration, but are still a very attractive fish. Read More »